PrimeAgile™ - Building Blocks for the Enterprise

In application development there are two very important concepts, each of which continues to evolve over time. The first of those is 'DRY' programming, and the other is 'Object Oriented' Programming. We have taken 'Dry' and 'Object Oriented' programming to the next level with our PrimeAgile Building Blocks.

The acronym D.R.Y. in 'DRY' Programming stands for "Don't Repeat Yourself". Meaning that if a programmer is writing the same or very similar line of code, instead of rewriting it, they should implement functions to reuse the same chunk of code they have already written.

The concept of PrimeAgile Building Blocks can be related to a car. When a company starts to design a new car, they don't start from scratch. Instead they use components from what's already been invented. If they design a stereo into the cars blueprint, they don't reinvent the stereo, they just use a stereo that's already been invented. Same with the power steering, they use the same design, just alter it to fit their needs. The same principle applies to PrimeAgile Building Blocks.

We do this all the time in real life. Each time a new house is built, the air conditioner isn't re-invented for it, it is just bought from the store because it has already been created. The Air conditioner is an example of the building block concept which is used in building houses. A.K.A.: Don't reinvent the wheel.

PrimeAgile's building blocks work the same way. For example, if we want to add someone to the mailing list when they sign up for it, or when they purchase an item, we simply apply the Marketing Toolkit, adding them to a mailing list or to an entire marketing campaign. This same tool can be used in customer relationship management to let customers know of a change in their sales rep, or in vendor relationship management when asking for quotes.

For a consumer of PrimeAgile-based applications, this makes the cost of developing those applications much cheaper, while allowing PrimeAgile-based products to be much more sophisticated than they could be otherwise.

N-tier Architecture

PrimeAgile is an N-Tier Architecture (aka multi-tier architecture) that can run within the cloud on any number of cloud servers. Using this architecture, it handles application processing and data management separately.

Here's an overview of the PrimeAgile N-Tier Architecture:

The modules are building blocks used to build interfaces to third-party tools and to build applications.