Catalog Management

The PrimeAgile Catalog Management system is used to manage a catalog of products.  It is independent of e-commerce because the products are not necessarily sold via the website, and some e-commerce systems do not require a catalog if they have only a few items.

In PrimeAgile, a Catalog is more analogous to a library catalog.  A catalog allows you to categorize, organize and templatize a type of content.  This allows all of the similar content to maintain the same content and design and organization of that content.


PrimeAgile Catalog Management has the following objectives

Make it easy to manage, update and edit products.

To make it easy to notify interested parties of changes to the catalog.

To make it easy to export an entire catalog in PDF format to send to a customer.

To allow flexible definition of products so that any type of product can be supported.

To support any kind of media to support that products description.

Product Definition

Common Data

All product data has the following elements:




Main URL 

Alternative Paths or URLs