Prime Agile Mail Services

PrimeAgile servers can both send and receive mail.  Received mail can be parsed and attached to tickets, customer records, leads and other items as appropriate.  Mail can also be used as part of marketing campaignsor to send the results of a simple online form.  Automatic notification of changes to tickets, can be sent to a mailing list associated with that ticket.  The mailing group mangement tool can also be used to send emails to an entire group of people.

Mail Accounts

The system can send e-mail itself using non outside mail provider or using SMTP or POP accounts provided by clients, subclients, or users.  For example the system can send e-mail using the normal e-mail account that you use every day, in which case the sent items will go into my sent mail folder.  It is advantageous for many reasons to have e-mail sent directly from your personal e-mail account.

Mail Profiles

Mail is sent using an  email profile.  This allows more than one person or type of content to be sent using the same system. SMTP or POP account.    The profile allows users to set a from, to, CCC, and signature for the mail which may be different for different users sending mail via the same SMTP account.  Mail profiles also contain a unique signature allowing e-mails even if they are using the same SMTP Account to have a unique signature.

SMTP or POP Accounts

In addition to each user being able to personalize their mail profile each user can have their own personal mail account sending the mail.

To do this the users dns should be notified that the PrimeAgile server is able to to send mail by entering approprate DNS records.  The accounts have a smtp description, server, login password.  A default from name and from address are also required, but are over ridden by those provided in the email profile.