PrimeAgile™ Technical Overview

The PrimeAgile platform can be broken down into three components:

  1. The platform that connects and manages all of the enterprise resources and data
  2. The set of applications that run on that platform and their specific business functions
  3. Client interfaces via the web, mobile with any TCP/IP connected device

PrimeAgile can be thought of as a fault-tolerant that is distributed with an "infrastructure abstraction layer" for the entire enterprise. It provides a framework that simplifies e-business application development and integration. With this technology, a company can tie all of its data and business processes together in real time regardless of how the data and business processes are physically distributed, or on which hardware or database they reside.

Because of its distribution and real-time architecture, the PrimeAgile framework will make the enterprise data be completely current and always available throughout the entire enterprise for all applications, so long as they are connected to the framework. For example, an order placed via the Web, or a wireless device, is immediately visible to a call center rep. This allows customers who wish to call via telephone and change an order to do so instantly if desired. Similarly, not only are changes made by the call center rep immediately visible to the customer via the Web, but also to the legacy inventory, warehouse and shipping systems connected to the framework. All of this is completely done regardless of the physical location of the systems.

The PrimeAgile framework is written entirely in Java, and as such will run on any platform that has a Java VM. The framework can tie together applications running on any combination of those platforms, and be extremely timely and cost-effective as well. Once the company's data and business process location has been put into the PrimeAgile framework, the components applications (see below) and business rules can be implemented and changed without having to consider any platform-related issues - whether the data resides in an Oracle or SQL server database where the data is physically located, or whether an object needs to be called via COM+ or CORBA.

PrimeAgile Components, Modules, or Blocks

Although the PrimeAgile framework can be used to connect existing enterprise applications, the company has also developed a number of its own applications: Small Package Receiving & Tracking, Sales Order Management, SKU/Item Management, Pricing Management, Individual Account Management, Promotions Management, Real-Time Payment Processing, Corporate Account Management, Customer Service, E-Mail Messaging, Fulfillment Management, Shipping, Survey/Info Management, and Content Management. The user interface for those applications, or any other application, developed for the framework could be a Web page, Visual Basic client, or a wireless device. To the PrimeAgile framework, all those devices are the same and require no special treatment.