Task Management Technical Specifications

Task Priorities Coloration

Coloration uses class names which are available in the default site css file.  They can be overwritten on a client by client basis if required.

Task Priorities Numbers

The numbers are two things in one thing.

  • 100,000 - Urgent
  • 200,000 - High
  • 300,000 - Medium
  • 400,000 - Low
  • 500,000 - None

However for an urgent task, for a person that was say 100,001, it would display as 1.  The 100,000 just determines that it is in the high task group.

If a second task is added in the high priority group, it is high priority task 2.  If task 1 is completed, then task 2 becomes high priority 1.

So if a user had five medium tasks they would be priorities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  and they would know they are medium by their color.